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The Founder

Timothy is a brand in the handweaving industry. They are the people who matter when it comes to this trade skill.

His passion for hand weaving is farfetched. Timothy’s father used to work for the textile industry.

Since they lived in the company houses, they had a chance to see and have practical hand weaving since that was a full-time job for the parents.

This is the drive for passion in this creative art industry. His talent in this trade saw the company bosses absorb him as hands-on personnel.

He later moved ladders to become the production managers, with this experience; hand weaving upbringing and corporate practice and familiarity.

You are sure that this is a comprehensive bog when it comes to anything about hand weaving.

Our Mission

We are here to pass down this vintage artistic skill to generations. We integrated traditional customs in design to create the art of uniqueness.

We are here t give you modern technologies in hand weaving as we also ensure that the old stitching technique is no left out in the equation.

Our Vision

Our aim is to ensure old talent finds relevance in contemporary society. It’s our joy to see the handwoven design in every home.

That means we shall have achieved our objective in disseminating information to generations.

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