Hand Weaving And Its Products 

  1. Lycra

Anything you can wear can be handwoven. You have a variety of options on what to use as far as design is concerned.

Therefore, it’s your role to choose what suits you. Lycra is known for its stretching component, which means it takes care of the size.

  1. Home finishing

Handweaving is the use of threads. With a line, you have several things you can make to add value to your home finish.

It can be table cloths, mattress covers, woven clothes. It depends on your choice of color and design.

You only need to consider the color theme and get the right fabric to accommodate your taste and desire.

  1. Pocketing

Anything that you want to do in pocketing is best when its hand weaved. It increases the aesthetic value of the herringbone, for example. It’s an additional setting when you want to have something unique.

  1. Bottom wear

Talk of rib stop, canvass, cords, ottoman, and drill. You will have all of them using handwoven fabrics.

  1. Shirting

As long as you have the right yarn, you have minimal challenges in stitching your shirts.

  1. Slub fabrics

Crosshatch, weft slab and wrap slub are all best when you weave them. They are durable and unique.

Anything you can make with the synthetic fabrics, you have a way of getting the same using your woven handwork.

Your limitation is your skill and the materials since you may have t import some of them. If you are lucky to be in a place where fabric is not an issue, you have unlimited options for hand weaving.

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